Distance and Border Effects in International Trade: A Comparison of Estimation Methods 
June 2016. Economics: The Open-Access, Open-Assessment E-Journal, 10 (2016-18): 1–31 (with Zuzanna Studnicka and Jan Van Hove)

Working Papers

Imperfect Competition and the Transmission of Shocks: The Network Matters  (Nov 2017)
(with Emmanuel Dhyne and Ayumu Kikkawa)

The Origins of Firm Heterogeneity: A Production Network Approach (Nov 2017)
(with Andrew B. Bernard, Emmanuel Dhyne, Kalina Manova and Andreas Moxnes)

Heterogeneous Firms and the Micro Origins of Aggregate Fluctuations (Feb 2017)
(with Karolien De Bruyne, Emmanuel Dhyne and Jan Van Hove)

Pecking Order and Core-Periphery Structure of International Trade  (Feb 2017)
(with Karolien De Bruyne and Jan Van Hove)

The Belgian Production Network 2002-2012 (Oct 2015)
Oct 2015. National Bank of Belgium Working Paper 288  (with Emmanuel Dhyne and Stella Rubinova)

Work in Progress

Production Networks, Market Power and Competition Policy
(with Vasco Carvalho and Basile Grassi)

Price Updating in Production Networks
(with Cedric Duprez)

The Geography of Unit Costs 
(with Andrew B. Bernard, Joaquin Blaum and Michael Peters)

Dynamics of Firm-to-Firm Connections 
(with Andrew B. Bernard, and Andreas Moxnes)

The Implications of Joining a Global Value Chain: A Firm-Level Analysis 
(with Paola Conconi, Afrola Plaku and Catherine Thomas)